Try. Try. Try.

Practice being nice.
Start the new year being kind.
Be sweet to others.

My sister is visiting, and driving my nuts.

When we made plans for her to visit, she said she could only stay one day. When she was supposed to be leaving, she kept trying to go grocery shopping at home. I didn’t understand why she was trying to buy food before a 3 hour drive. I figured we’d grab something out for dinner, breakfast here, and she’d be on her way.

When she got here, she said she was planning to stay through the weekend… And only has $60.

I get paid on Fridays. I have a family that still owes me for the past two big jobs I did. The family I live with didn’t leave enough food for the puppy and it’s EXPENSIVE. I was not exactly prepared to feed and entertain a guest for 4 days.

I say, it’s ok. We’ll figure it out, I’ll cook. She seemed excited about that. After several hours of asking for her to contribute, I went through the things I already had, planned a menu and made a shopping list. As I was finishing up…

She says she wants to make Shepard’s pie… But wants to eliminate half the things in the recipe, and cut other quantities by 1/4 because it is made to feed 8, but not all of them. It just seems like it’s going to end up gross, unbalanced and bland.

Plus I have absolutely NONE of the ingredients, AND need to buy a zester to make it. I told her I wanted to keep it on the cheap, and every time I look at her list, I start to panic.

I kept suggesting other things. But she wants this. Like really wants it.

I said it’s too much.

So she scratches out more ingredients. Nope. Eliminating 1 potato and 1 onion is not really helping, and just making the flavor seem even weirder.

Plus the puppy ruined my very expensive sunglasses this morning. Effing asshole.


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