My sister is still here.

We did eventually get dinner last night.
I cooked what I wanted, and she ate it…

But not before lots of screaming happened.

She is struggling. She has been for a long time, this I knew. She told me something… And I know I need to call our parents, but I promised I wouldn’t and sister bonds are sacred. Anyone else, I probably would have called 911 immediately.

So far I haven’t done anything.

But I don’t want to be responsible for her choices.

She’s still exhausting, but I’m trying really hard to be nicer. I took the morning off, didn’t make fun of her for sleeping in or eating crap today, and brought her to a really cool used bookstore. She’s wandering now and seems happy.

Someone asked if she was my daughter. I want to teleport home and never leave the house again.

I want her to leave.

We can’t both be freaking out at the same time.

I should call home, right?


2 thoughts on “Sister

    • I did. I talked to her mom before she woke up this morning, took her to see the Bishop, and sent her home. I checked and made sure she got there ok (it’s a 3 hour drive). They are going to take care of her. I was afraid they wouldn’t believe me, or think I was exaggerating, because usually I’m the problem child. But I didn’t get in trouble for telling on her, and they seem like they are taking it seriously.

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