Chipping off

I’ve been doing good for a long time.

The anxiety from meeting my friend on Friday is snowballing and chipping away all the good stuff I’ve built.

I see it, but can’t stop.

I asked for help on my Facebook. “Please, local friends, will somebody eat with me today?” But no one did.

So I skipped dinner.

Um, actually, I have skipped lots of days.

To be honest, I’m not sure when the last time I didn’t skip was.


5 thoughts on “Chipping off

  1. If we were in the same city I’d eat with you (I’m eating right now)… No such thing as skipping meals in my household (except if I’m working really hard and forget to eat) but in cases like that I’d eat a banana or some other kind of fruit.

    When you say skip do you mean not eat anything at all? Or do you at least eat fruit?

  2. What’s a PB?

    Green juice is awesome! Tones and I come from a school of thought that you just eat (or drink) whenever you feel like it. If you don’t want to eat, then there’s no judgement and if you’re hungry and have to eat a lot, no judgement there either. It’s your body – your life.

    It’s OK if you don’t want to eat. Don’t listen to your thoughts about what you should and shouldn’t do, just listen to your body. It’ll tell you when it needs anything 🙂 Especially in the yoga room… it’ll definitely tell you in there if you’ve been good to it!!

    If it is telling you it needs food and you deny it nutrient and water then you’ll have to ask yourself what is the purpose of doing that? What’s the end goal you’re trying to achieve by doing that?

    One more thing…. one of my yoga teachers shared this quote with me:
    “Your body is not a problem to be solved. Your body is your home and regarding it as separate, problematic or disgusting can result in a type of detachment that interferes with your ability to hear its valuable messages to you. You need your body. It does not lie. You are in it for this lifetime and trusting your body is your birthright.”

      • Perhaps…. hunger doesn’t feel the same to you as it does to others.

        I remember I used to get hungry all the time and I used to eat all the time but guess what??? It turned out I was THIRSTY. I was completely dehydrated and the only message I understood was hunger…. so my body made me hungry so I would start eating and it would desperately try to get as much water content from whatever I was eating.

        I could go without drinking for days, weeks, months and just like you NEVER felt thirsty (except after drinking milk so I hated drinking milk). When I started consciously drinking water, it was forced and it was hard but eventually the hunger pains began dissipating and over months, I actually started feeling the sensation of being thirsty again.

        Some people when they are hungry (instead of feeling hungry) get headaches, dizziness or light headed, get grumpy, indecisive, some feel weak or get the shakes… Maybe it’s something else with you (maybe you’re the opposite of me, and just feel thirsty!! haha)

        Have you checked in with a naturopath or iridologist? I found those guys very helpful to me in learning how to listen to my body and learn the way it communicated 🙂 You don’t need to go a lot – a few sessions was enough to change my awareness on health and body.

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