Melting down like a polar ice cap

This whole school thing…

It’s not off to a stellar start. I had to show my teeth a little bit in order to get things done. I’m pretty sure everyone in Miami is now scared of me. It’s not the ideal way to make a first impression. Nothing was happening, so I fired off a polite, but firm email reminding the people down there that they have an obligation to make this education accessible to me. I also copied the Bishopzin, and a local deaf advocate.

Marcia tells a story about wanting a trashy magazine removed from her children’s eye level at the grocery store when they were little, so she told the manager that she was connected to a very big church and knew a lot of people who felt the placement of that particular magazine was inappropriate. In actuality, she had never spoken with anyone else about it, but when she gave herself an army, the situation was immediately resolved and the offending magazine was relocated.

So, with that story in mind, I not only advocated for myself, I created an army. Lemme tell ya, it worked!

I’m pretty sure no one will let my needs go ignored for the rest of my education there.

Still, it took time… time that was supposed to be already for learning. And it was stressful. It’s still stressful. I don’t do “wing-it” well. And I don’t do last-minute AT ALL. There’s been a lot of both happening these past two weeks, and it’s really taking a toll.

I’m sick. I didn’t work today, and probably won’t work tomorrow. I’ve lost 15 pounds. Monday night I spent hours throwing up from stress (not eating disorder). My throat hurts. My body hurts. The thought of eating hurts. Nothing is working right. I feel like I need a lot of extra support right now, and everyone around me is so busy, I just don’t want to ask.

I’m going on vacation with my mom this weekend, to visit her entire family. I don’t foresee that going well for me. I need support and consistency, not strange food with judgey relatives on someone else’s schedule.


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