I am mad.
Really, super, duper, unbelievably angry.
I’m smart. I’m a good student, very dedicated. I’m an obsessive perfectionist.

I am deaf.

We had an Adobe Connect meeting in one of my classes tonight. I logged in. I did everything I was supposed to. But the stenographer never showed up and you had to participate interactively in the meeting, or write a long-ass research paper…. Guess who now has to do extra work because FIU- a public, state university with nationally ranked law and med schools continues to fail when it comes to complying with the ADA.

I made sure everyone who needed to know about the Adobe Connect meeting did, with plenty of notice. I asked multiple times what *I* needed to do to prepare. I asked disability services, the professor, and even emailed with the transcription company directly… multiple times. I asked AGAIN this morning if I needed to do anything else.

“Nope. Just log in.” They said.

The stenographer even confirmed that SHE had spoken with the professor and said “I’ll see you on the web cam tonight.”

The stupid people never got the sign in link!

I sat there, outside in the freezing cold, just to be sure I didn’t drop the internet connection trying my hardest to participate. But it was impossible. The professor wasn’t even on camera. There was no way to even TRY to follow.

I do not understand the material. I did not get to participate in the lecture. And now I’m stuck doing the punishment assignment, writing a stupid research paper on stuff I really don’t understand.

I’m pissed.

If they had shown up like they were expected to, I would have had access to live help to ask questions, and I wouldn’t have to do extra work.


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