I wore the shirt

I’m not gonna lie, I was DEAD SET AGAINST wearing a shirt advertising my very personal information┬áto an event expected to draw a quarter million people….

But somehow, it happened anyway.

i wore the shirt


And it was amazing! I am so proud of myself for doing it!!!! I’m exhausted and electrified right now. I am too tired to take care of the things I need to and too fired up to sleep! Every muscle, bone and joint in my body aches from standing and talking about the project.

Putting the shirt on was one of the scariest things I have ever done! I was afraid of what might happen. But honestly… I don’t think most people even read it. If they did, they kept their thoughts to themselves. Only two people said anything, one woman laughed, told us they were brilliant and asked who thought up what to write on each one, and the other lady told us she thought we were really brave to wear them and she could tell we were doing good things for the community, then she voted for us.

Mostly, we were too busy working together to worry about labels on the shirts… or the people inside of them. We were just people, wearing shirts, and making art.

I Still Matter is minimizing the stigma.