Yoga makes me happy

I found a Bikram studio right by my work! I signed up for 4 months unlimited and have taken a few classes. It’s a wonderful, adorable little studio. There are WAY less people than the one I just moved from, but a hot room is a hot room, and this one is always filled with sweaty yoga loving folks. I love it!

I have SIX classes, and I’m working almost full time. I was hired for 30 hours/week, but I’m allowed to work up to 40. I’m overwhelmed a lot.

It’s hard to persuade myself to make the time to practice, because other things seem more critical. The fact is, without yoga in my life, I morph into a mean, cranky and less productive person.

The situation with my co-workers is still miserable. I left work crying tonight… most nights. I sit awake at night, trying to make it better. My boss has assured me that my co-workers are a tough group, but I still feel like a horrible supervisor. It makes facing the mirrors difficult… and important. I’m convinced that the solution to my office problems will materialize after camel one day.

I need school. I need work. I need food. And I need yoga. It’s not just a hobby. I am really happy to be getting to know a new yoga family in my new city. I feel more grounded here now.


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