I have a friend, (who is probably reading this blog) and every time she puts a new photo of herself on Facebook, she is instantly flooded with “Likes” and comments telling her how beautiful she is. Now, this is someone I’ve known for a very long time in real life, not just a cyber pal. And I too find myself compelled to add to miles long thread of “amazing” “stunning” and “gorgeous”. In my opinion, she is, without a doubt, the uncontested most beautiful woman on the planet. And while it seems that her entire friend list would be inclined to agree with me, this is not someone Tyra Banks would go searching out to drag onto America’s Next Top Model.

So, what is it about this chic? Well, it is HER friend list, you say. True, and my friend list consist of MY friends and I’ve never once been bombarded with such positive, adoring, uplifting comments the way she routinely is (photos of my dog however, can generate hundreds of comments).

Perhaps, it has some to do with her skills as a professional photographer. But again, the praise is for HER unwavering beauty, not incredible camera work.

This girl is someone who approaches every situation with compassion and acceptance. She radiates love and calmness and has a knack for making everyone she encounters feel special just for being themselves. I think, and know surely for myself, that her pictures, elicit a deep, emotional, soul stirring response, as powerful and moving as sitting under the most perfect sunset.

This friend inspires me daily. She supports, encourages, shares, and is honest and direct without ever being unkind. She is the living definition of radiance, beauty, and friendship.