A first!

Today I took my FOURTH Advanced class! I love feeling like a new kid all over again. I love to push myself. And I really love the friendly, supportive, interactive atmosphere that it creates. Today, we got distracted somewhere around Plow, and decided to go straight to inversions. Then just ended up playing around. It was neat to just experiment with the yoga, encourage each other and be inspired by the strengths that each person brought into the room with them.

On the way home, I suddenly wanted avocado. So I swung into Publix. The avocados didn’t look plate ready, they all needed more time. So I settled for some guac. I also got Brie and bell peppers. At home, I heated a veggie burger. While it was nuking I spread a little bit if guac and Brie on a tortilla, then shredded the heated patty and topped with peppers.

I LIKED IT! I liked it so much I decided to skip 6:30 class so I could eat a 2nd wrap. Eating has never ever been pleasurable for me. It’s just a horrible necessary chore. But, today I was all set to go hard core Thanksgiving, unbutton my pants stuff myself then pass out from all the food. This is a new experience for me. I think it’s pretty cool.



PS- I’m perfect!

So. I think I finally have this yoga fuel business down! I wake up, get showered, dressed and out the door, then eat pretty much non-stop from 7-9, breakfast: protein shake, oatmeal, fruit, veggies and peanut butter.
At 11, snack: some kind of vegetable- usually with salsa or peanut butter
At 4 sugar: this is critical to my yoga! I either have citrus or 6 skittles. Yes I count them, and yes. I ALWAYS stop at 6.
At 10 dinner: veggies, protein, cheese, and a 2nd protein shake if needed.

And for lunch….. I EAT YOGA! Today I lunched on headstands, fingerstands, planking and blocking for hand stands. I also took all if the pictures myself!


Today I was SHOCKED how much my regular practice had changed after just ONE Advanced! I felt more aware, in control and open. The break in routine, and added, deeper stretches yesterday really benefited every single one of my postures! It also had an incredible impact on my mental practice! Like, when teach decides to get chatty at the end of second set triangle, and I really want to pop up early like everyone around me, but my mind says “giiiiirl, suck it up! You can totally wait her out! Think how strong your legs are getting for all of the new stuff you are learning!” And then I am able to adjust my breathing and stick it out all the way to “change”. I spent all of today totally blissed out on yoga. It was absolutely euphoric and wonderful!

Oh. And PS- I checked in with the therapist yesterday and I AM PERFECT!
She asked me to gain 2 more pounds, I told her I’d rather not. And she just shrugged and said “ok. I’m willing to let that go.” The truth is, I will probably acquire her 2lbs in muscle before long anyway. No treatment program for this little yogini, YAY!!!!!!!