The Gebi Plan meets Solar Meltdown at Day Zero

I’ve been reading up on the Gebi plan all week, and was extremely optimistic and motivated to put it into action. My intention was to plan tonight, shop tomorrow, prepare on Sunday. As stressful as it was making all of that food last Sunday, it helped me have a successful week. The soup was just there and ready to go. I only had to do battle with the touching/preparing food demons once, instead of daily.

Solar earring works like this:
There is a list of foods. And a list of times. You must eat in every time block by selecting ONLY foods from that specific list. Then, some special foods get extra rules and some super foods are neutral to be eaten within any block.

It seemed ideal. The obligation/commitment to eat at regular intervals, the rigidity of a clearly defined system, the flexibility to choose an item instead of following a dictated meal plan. During the week I started looking at the lists and thinking of meals and combinations that I might like.

Almond, banana, avocado and cherries are all in the same block. In my mind I made a drink with almond milk, banana and avocado in the magic bullet, then sank whole fresh cherries in the bottom, for breakfast. I thought I was a genius.

… Then I realized, avocados are one of the extra rule foods. They must be eaten alone, or with raw almonds only.

This pretty much lead to an epic meltdown with total destruction of all confidence, 3 hours crying into my MacBook, and finally resorting to a very rare visit to the dark chocolate stash…. Which was undoubtably followed by overwhelming guilt and much more crying.

I decided to just pick 2 things. 1st, is supposedly the most importing component of solar eating, which is to soak raw almonds (1 per 10lbs of body weight) in water over night and eat immediately upon waking. The second, is to eat 1 citrus by itself between 9 and 11am. I usually go on break around 11, so I don’t have to do it at my desk in the hallway. I like citrus. And 11 is kind of, maybe, a little bit like lunch time. And I know that lunch is going to be the next big battle.



Thankful for supportive cousins who put up with my crazy between dances while at the bar

On the yoga front. I drank TONS of water today, then left it alllll on the studio floor (sweat not pee). I wonder how long before I get swimmer’s ear from all the drippy.