Saying Good-Bye

This morning I woke up crying from a dream. It was really sad. I remember, but don’t want to share. Since it was still dark out, I decided to go see if my sugar gliders were still awake and watch them play for a while. Their crazy antics could always make me laugh…

But this morning, I went in their room, and they were dead, side-by-side on the bottom of their cage. The fan somehow got turned on, and they are extremely vulnerable to cold. I had wanted a sugar glider since middle school, but waited FOURTEEN YEARS, for the opportunity to rescue, because I didn’t want to support exotics breeding.

Oliver and Emersyn weren’t exactly your typical gliders. They definitely weren’t “pocket pets” but I did get to hold them a few times, and Ollie had started taking yogurt treats from my hands. Emmy was super tiny and shy. And she only had 3 legs! She was born with 4, but one got stuck in a pouch and, my friend, who is an awesome, badass rescue woman, got right to work amputating her little foot! Oh, and that friend is an elementary science teacher and did it using classroom scissors with a room full of 3rd graders cheering her on (and begging her not to let it die).

I didn’t mind that they didn’t much care to interact with me. It was a pleasure just to sit and watch them play and make all of their cute little noises.

I’m so glad I got a chance to be a glider mom and heartbroken that it ended too soon.20130103-224254.jpg