Well, hello there, Fatty!

Today, there is a “Lifestyle and Wellness Expo” at our local mall. I decided to go check it out, because what better place to find some nutritional resources, right?

Not so much.

It was just a great big gathering of $2000 get-skinny-fast-without-doing-anything scams, and some Zumba.

The YMCA had a table there, too. I’d seen online that they offer nutrition coaching, and stopped, thinking they might be an ideal resource for me. A friend, of mine is a member and her monthly fees are significantly less than an individual consultation with a RD. as I got up to the table, before I even opened my mouth to speak, the representative looked right at me, smiled and said

“Hey! Are you looking to lose a few pounds and tone up?”

I left immediately, and have been crying in my car for the past 20 minutes.