Teenie Yogini

This is the raw and honest account of my life as a “Japanese Ham Sandwich” and its impact on the remaining 23.5 hours of my day.

During the past 16 years, my love for yoga has seen me through insurmountable heartache, fervent joy, love, loss, life, and everything in between.

These days I’m taking on the demons of Anorexia, through the hot room mirrors, while grappling with the unfortunate condition of “Newly Unemployed”.

I invite you to join the adventure, as I work on bringing yoga off the mat and into the lives of myself, and those around me.

It’s an experience that’ll surely make you sweat.


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12 thoughts on “Teenie Yogini

  1. Hope my comments to your blog don’t come across to harsh. I just read your bio after reading your blog. I empathize with what you’re going through and I only say what I say out of love. I had so many people try and tell me things during my battle with bulimia. I only wish it had sank in sooner. I lost a lot of myself during the past 10 years and now see it all from a much different perspective. I’ve heard it said, get busy living or get busy dying, and nothing could be closer to the truth!!!!!

  2. Its interesting that we both struggle with extreme opposites of eating disorder. I hope that we can encourage each other on the road to recovery. I can already tell we have some things in common. I love yoga!

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