My Chippy





My Chippy went to the Rainbow Bridge last night. He didn’t get to come live with me and Avery.

I am eating too much. And gaining too much. And the Chippy-cat died. I need to be in control. I need to have better control so we stay safe and bad things don’t happen. I’m eating too much and the whole world is too chaotic. I need to do a better job for me and for Avery.


3 thoughts on “My Chippy

  1. Doing a better job for you and Avery is to think about how eating is actually good for you and that eating less will impede your ability to look after yourself and Avery and turn happy-fun-time-yoga into sad-yoga.
    I’m sorry for Mr Chippy, but I guess, when we are born it is inevitable we will die. And it’s sad, and you have all the right in the world to be sad, but controlling food won’t make the sadness go away.
    I hope you have a better tomorrow.

  2. Just saw this…very sorry. 😦 As if anyone needs, or asks for, something like this to happen to them on top of everything else in their life! I hope you’re okay, that food hasn’t become evil, and that life doesn’t start careening too much. Sending love.

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